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General Diet Recommendations


Clean, filtered water, green tea
Whole foods
Vegetables (increase raw to tolerance)(organic preferred)
Fruits (organic preferred)
Juicing (mostly vegetables)
Clean lean meats (natural/organic as possible)
Moderate amount of whole grains
Legumes (beans) in moderate amounts
Omega 3 oils (fish, wild game)
Small amounts of fish (avoid farmed fish) (eat large amounts if mercury free)
Fiber (use a variety, different types help in different ways)
Nuts and seeds in moderate amounts (No hydrogenated oils)
Raw, unsalted nuts
Olive oil


Simple carbohydrates (sweets, refined breads/grains/pasta)
Beef, pork, dairy/saturated fats
Vegetable oils (high in omega 6 oils)


White Flour (especially white breads and pasta)
Corn syrup additives (of all sorts) - especially high fructose
Refined/Processed/Packaged foods
Hydrogenated/partially hydrogenated oiled/trans fats
Fast foods/Junk foods
Carbonated beverages, Coffee
Artificial Sweeteners
Food additives, preservatives, dyes
Fried foods
Restaurant food (often has hidden harmful ingredients)
Any food causing a negative reaction/symptom

1. Begin to make changes slowly
2. Whole foods contain nutrients that work together, giving you great synergistic value.  Organic is best.
3. Variety in the diet increases nutrients and decreases allergies.
4. 'Fortified' usually means the food was stripped of valuable nutrients and synthetic vitamins were added back in.
5. "wheat flour" = "white flour".  "whole wheat" should be stated clearly on the label.
6. Use Stevia, Organic Cane Sugar or Raw Organic Honey (in limited amounts) for a sweetener (found at health food stores).
7. Dr. Kraskow can analyze you for nutritional supplements giving your body additional support.

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