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Triglyceride Lowering Diet



  1. Sugar and alcohol are the two dietary factors associated with high blood levels of triglycerides.  Thus, concentrated sources of sugar and alcohol must be avoided.
  2. Milk contains a natural sugar called lactose.  For adults, milk consumption should be restricted to two cups (16 ounces) per day.
  3. Fruits contain natural sugars, and a maximum intake of three one-half cup portions of unsweetened fruit and fruit juice is recommended.
  4. Whole grain breads, cereals, crisp breads and homemade, sugar free cookies are recommended in place of similar refined products.
  5. It is essential to achieve and maintain ideal body weight.  Triglyceride levels will increase if weight is gained.
  6. Avoid a large evening meal.  Three well-spaced meals, each containing approximately the same nutrient value are recommended.  In between nourishments may be necessary.

Foods To Avoid:

Alcoholic beverages, Beer, wine
Candy, Chewing Gum, Cough Drops sweetened with sugar
Carbonated Beverages sweetened with sugar
Corn Syrup
Commercial Cookies, Cakes, Pies
Dehydrated Starchy Snacks (pretzels, chip, etc.)
Most Desserts (high in sugar)
Dried Fruits
Sweetened Gelatin Desserts
Regular Granola
Honey, Molasses, Golden Syrup, Treacle
Ice Cream, Ice Milk, Sherbet
Jam, Jelly, Marmalade
Packaged Puddings, Pie Fillings
Sugar:  Brown or White
Sweetened Canned Fruit or Juices or Synthetic Fruit Juice Substitutes

The Following Substitutes Are Suggested For Occasional Use:

Unsweetened or water packed fruits, unsweetened carbonated beverages (sparkling mineral water), jams, jellies, gelatin desserts


Most commercial cereals, cookies, desserts, baked products, etc. contain large amounts of sugar.  Make your own sugar-free cookies, pies and baked products.


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