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Category II Instructions

Category II Pelvis --- Sprained Pelvis

Understanding Your Condition:

In trying to understand your sprained pelvis condition, you may compare it to another common sprain, such as a sprained ankle.  Basically, any sprain involves three problems requiring correction:  1) soft tissue tearing of muscle and ligament fibers; 2) misalignment where bones connect, and; 3) swelling.

Your doctor has made the necessary correction for your sprained pelvis.  However, you must be responsible for helping to maintain these corrections until adequate healing allows the new alignment to stabilize.  Adequate healing requires time.

Here’s How You Can Help:

The first 3 days:

1.   ICE the pelvic area frequently.

Instructions for ICE PACKS: Using these chemical “freeze” packs for therapeutic effect is called “cryotherapy”. The purpose of this therapy is to condense fluids in the tissue for reducing swelling. The effect of the cold will also reduce pain by a numbing of the nerves. It is VERY IMPORTANT TO FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS:

  • Wrap the plastic covered ice pack in one layer of paper towel, not a terrycloth towel, etc.
  • Apply the covered pack directly to the skin.
  • Compress the pack tightly to the skin with pressure from clothing, belt, towel, or chair back.
  • Set a timer for TWELVE minutes to warn you to remove the ice pack. You may apply the ice on the same location only once per hour.
  • WARNING: Improper use of the ice may burn the skin and underlying tissue. The skin will peel off leaving a raw open lesion. If this occurs, treat as a “burn”; cool water, skin moisturizing agents, no Vaseline.

Apply cold pack at least two to four times per day with each application lasting twelve (12) minutes. Space applications at least one hour apart.

Never extend application longer than 12 minutes.

2.  Absolutely NO HEAT! This includes hot tubs, heating pads, tub baths, and waterbeds
with high thermostats.

NO lifting over 20 pounds.

4. NO heavy handbags carried on shoulder.

5. NO sexual activity.

Avoid these activities for 2 weeks:


Sitting on bicycle or motorcycle seats.

Sitting on the floor or in a recliner.

The following care should always be taken to prevent re-injury:

Jog or run only with proper shoes.

Enter into and exit from automobile with both legs together.

Sit or stand with legs even (uncrossed).

Sit on an even and cushioned surface (no wallets or checkbooks in back pocket)  -  Billfolds or notepads in a back pocket can cause a tilt in the hips or lower back as well as interfere with circulation.


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