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Homeopathic Guidelines


If liquid,
tap the bottle at least 10 times on the palm of your hand.  It is recommended not to eat or to drink anything 20-30 minutes before or after taking a homeopathic remedy.  Drinking water before the remedy is acceptable.  If your remedy needs to be in water it should be distilled or purified water if possible.

Tablet homeopathics are placed under the tongue, a sip of water is okay.  Leave them there for a few minutes then they can be chewed/swallowed.


Keep the remedy out of sunlight and away from all strong odors (i.e., Vick’s Vapor-Rub, perfumes, spices, etc.).  The average medicine cabinet is usually not the ideal storage area for these remedies.

Magnetic/electrical fields can alter the remedy.  Store the remedy away from these sources (i.e., televisions, magnets, microwaves, computers, etc...).  A bookshelf is best.

  Most liquid homeopathics are 80% water, 20% alcohol (for better absorption and preservation).  Most tablet homeopathics are made with milk sugar.

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