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Discover the revolutionary science of the zero-point field and the next wave in human well-being.


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Your Body's BioField

In 1994, The National Institute of Health adopted a new term, BioField, to describe the subtle energy field that extends out from the body.

When this BioField is out of balance, the body can become more susceptible to immune deficiencies.  Stress, anxiety, fatigue, back and joint pain, and lack of mental clarity are all potential symptoms.


Did you know...

Your body is under constant stress caused by man-made pollution, chemicals, poor water quality, and nutrient-deficient food.

PLUS, EMF and ELF waves emitted from cell phones, computers, TV's, power lines, microwaves, airplanes, GPS, fluorescent lighting and radio waves.

How ZeroPoint can help...

The ZeroPoint Energy Pendant strengthens and "clears" the body's natural BioField as shown in the comparisons below. Among many reported benefits, it has been shown to improve sleep, focus, energy, a sense of calm and improved immune function.

As important, it creates a buffer that works to maintain your BioField's natural state.

BEFORE                       AFTER

  BioField without the Energy Pendant shows a calm but unbalanced field.   Only 10 seconds later wearing the Energy Pendant, the field is balanced with newly introduced wellness energy.




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