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NET Emotions Questionnaire


The following are personality characteristics when a person is out of balance.  Please place a check mark next to any issue you believe is generally relevant to your nature.  Circle the 1 or 2 issues that ring truest!


Over sympathetic, disgust, expanded importance of self, obsession, egotistic, despair, nervous, stifled

Low self esteem, lives through others, over concern, hopelessness, lack of control over events, worried, distrust

Dogmatically positioned, crying, compelled to neatness, defensive

Grief, sadness, yearning, cloudy thinking, anguish

Paralyzed will, miffed, timid, inefficient, wishy-washy

Fear, dread, bad memory, contemplated

Resentment, galled, stubborn, emotionally repressed, depressed, indecisive

Anger, irrationality, frustration, aggression

Lost, vulnerable, abandoned, deserted, absent mindedness, insecurity, profoundly deep unrequited love

Frightfully overjoyed, abnormal (inappropriate) laughing, lack of emotion, rapid mannerisms and speech, talkative

Muddled instability, paranoia, muddled thinking, emotional instability, up and down, can’t figure it out

Non-thinking, non-emotive, depleted, suppressed, sluggish memory, vivid dreaming

False pride, arrogance, disdain, disdainfulness, haughtiness, loftiness, false self-assuredness

Shame, humiliation, disgrace, dishonored, infamy, embarrassment, awkwardness, confusion, bashfulness, self-consciousness, mortification, wounded pride, bullied


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