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Dairy Allergy

Milk may be found in the following foods:

Baking powder biscuits, breads, boiled salad dressings, bologna, butter, buttermilk and butter sauces.

Cakes, cocoa, chowders, cookies, cream, creamed foods and sauces, cheese (nearly every kind), curds and custards.

Candy, except hard.

In scrambled eggs, souffles, escalloped dishes (unless made specifically without milk).

Au gratin foods, foods fried in butter, baking mixes, pancake mixes, waffles.

Gravies and sauces made with milk, cream or other dairy products.  Hard sauces.

Ice creams, sherbets, ice milk, yogurt, frozen yogurt.

Malted or chocolate milk or drinks such as Ovaltine, whey products.

Milk Avoidance:

Do Not eat foods containing milk or other dairy products.  In purchasing ready made food products, be sure they do not contain dairy products.  Become a careful label reader.

Milk Substitutes:

Fresh or evaporated goat's milk (if casein sensitive, no animal milk is tolerated), soy milk, almond milk, rice milk, oat milk.


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